Auburn Church

Auburn, North Dakota

I had hoped to get a better photo than this of an old church in Auburn, North Dakota, but vegetation is starting to hide much of the building.  It’s clearly been abandoned for awhile, but it may have once been known as St. Anne’s Catholic Church.  I haven’t found the history as of now.


Bethel Moravian

Bethel Moravian Church, Leonard, North Dakota
Bethel Moravian Church, Leonard, North Dakota

From the church cornerstone, it looks like Bethel Moravian Church in Cass County, North Dakota was built in 1900.  It’s a rural church and was unlocked when I stopped by, but nobody was there to answer any questions about the history.  The Moravian church traces its history to the mid 1400s in the Czech Republic region.  Some historians view the Moravians as the first protestant church that veered off from the Roman Catholic church due to objections of some of the practices.  The emblem of the church is the Lamb of God and they have a little lamb sculpture outside the front of this church.

Sacred Heart Catholic

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Olga, North Dakota

Olga, North Dakota is another quiet rural town with a population of about 20.  But there is a large Catholic church named Our Lady of the Sacred Heart which was founded in 1882.  Although the church was closed officially by the diocese in 2005, it’s maintained as a historical chapel.  It looked to be in good shape when I visited, but the preservation society is raising funds for some mold issues and general maintenance.

Golberg Church

Golberg Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Olga, North Dakota
Golberg Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Olga, North Dakota

Golberg Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran is in Cavalier County, North Dakota.  Organized in 1896, the congregation built this church in 1908 but disbanded in the 1950’s.  Although the building is vacant, there is still an active cemetery surrounding the church.


Walle Lutheran

Walle Lutheran Church, Thompson, North Dakota

Walle Lutheran Church is part of the Grand Forks Rural Parish and is near Thompson, North Dakota. Unfortunately, the church was locked and I haven’t found any history online other than it’s apparently over 125 years old.  There were these old horse buggy steps still out front from 1909, so it’s been there from at least that year.

Old horse buggy steps outside fo Walle Lutheran Church

Icelandic Evangelical

Icelandic Evangelical Church, Pembina, North Dakota
Icelandic Evangelical Church, Pembina, North Dakota

Icelandic Evangelical Church is in Pembina, North Dakota at the northern U.S. border with Canada.  It’s the second oldest Icelandic Church in North America with the oldest (by a year) being the Vikur Church in Mountain, North Dakota which I also was able to visit.  Settlers from Iceland started a colony in this area and built the church in 1885.  Eventually the Icelandic population diminished and the church was sold (1937) to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. John. who added the Byzantine dome (1957) and redecorated the interior.  The church is located between two rivers and flooded in 1948 and more recently in 1997.  Today, the church is owned by the Fort Pembina Historical Society.

Icelandic Evangelical Church, Pembina, North Dakota
Interior of the Icelandic Evangelical Church