Pine Hill Church

Pinehill Church, Brooks County, Georgia
Pine Hill Church, Brooks County, Georgia

What still remains of Pine Hill Christian Church can be found on a quiet dirt road in Brooks County, Georgia. Though records are unclear, it seems this church was founded in the last half of the nineteenth century by former slaves only a few miles from Grooverville Methodist and Liberty Baptist.  The church held services every third Sunday for part of the time, but eventually closed briefly in 1987, was active again for a few years and then officially closed for good in 2005.  It does seem that the little church is still looked after as the interior was fairly clean and there wasn’t any obvious signs of vandalism.


Shiloh Church

Shiloh Church, Jenkinsville, South Carolina
Shiloh Church, Jenkinsville, South Carolina

Shiloh Church is in Fairfield County, South Carolina and this wood frame building was built in the early 1900s.  There’s a small cemetery adjacent with graves dating back to the start of the 1800s.

Omaha Methodist

Omaha Methodist, Omaha, Georgia (Stewart County)
Omaha Methodist, Omaha, Georgia (Stewart County)

In addition to Omaha Baptist, the small town of Omaha, Georgia has another church.  Instead of the little house behind the farmer in the famous American Gothic painting, I think this church would have been a great fit.  The western Georgia town of Omaha sprang up as the Seaboard Air Line Railroad built tracks nearby in the 1890s.  The church is believed to have been built in that decade.  When I visited, it didn’t look like it was still in use, but the sign in front says that services are the third Sunday of the month.

Wacahoota Methodist

Wacahoota United Methodist Church, Levy County, Florida
Wacahoota United Methodist Church, Levy County, Florida

Wacahoota United Methodist Church is near Williston, Florida and was organized in the 1850s.  The building today is the third at the location, built in 1899 and still without electricity or bathrooms.  It’s said to be one of the oldest Florida Methodist churches still holding regular services.  The cemetery  a few yards from the church also has graves dating back to the early 1850s.

Mt. Olivet Presbyterian

Mount Olivet Church, South Carolina
Mount Olivet Church, Fairfield County, South Carolina

This historic Presbyterian church in Winnsboro, South Carolina dates from 1869. It’s a brick building with stucco on a granite foundation.  The Presbyterians have had a congregation in the area since before 1785.  An old cemetery surrounds the church that includes veterans of the American Revolutionary War.