Rock Valle

Rock Valle Church, Echo, Minnesota, Yellow Medicine County

Echo, Minnesota was first settled in 1869 and incorporated in 1893. Rock Valle Church ,shown here, was dedicated in May, 1902 according to a photo inside the church. Rock Valle Cemetery is across the road with graves from the late 1800’s.


Sundal Lutheran

Sundal Lutheran Church, Minnesota
Sundal Lutheran Church, Minnesota

Sundal, Minnesota’s Lutheran Church was established in 1881 and still has regular Sunday services.  It’s located in northwestern Minnesota in Norman County.

Entrance, Sundal Lutheran Church

Trondhjem Norwegian Lutheran

Trondhjem Norwegian Lutheran Church, Lonsdale, Minnesota

The Trondhjem Norwegian Lutheran Church is near Lonsdale, Minnesota, about 35 miles south of Minneapolis.  The church was built in 1899, replacing a 20 year old building in order to add more interior space.  The style is a mix of Greek Revival and Gothic Revival with some medieval Norwegian elements thrown in for good measure.  The accompanying cemetery’s oldest graves date from the beginning period of the church (1877).  A very detailed history of both this church and the Norwegian immigration patterns into Minnesota is included on the National Register of Historic Places website.

Trondhjem Norwegian Lutheran Church, Lonsdale, Minnesota
Trondhjem Cemetery

Dovre Free Lutheran

Dovre Free Lutheran Church, Winger, Minnesota

The town of Winger, Minnesota is just a little over a hundred years old and was founded primarily by Scandinavian pioneers.  The first congregation organized in town was the Dovre Lutheran Church which formed in 1895 and moved their church building into town using steam engines in 1908.

Zion Lutheran

Zion Lutheran Church, east of Shelly, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church is another listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Victorian Gothic church was built in 1883, and it served the Norwegian immigrants who settled widely in the area.  The building has faced some battles with the weather over the years – a tornado shifted the Victorian Gothic church off its foundation in 1902 and rods were added to stabilize the building.  Lightning also hit the church in 1979 and burned the spire down to the belfry, but it was rebuilt.  There is a cemetery next to the church where many of these early settlers were buried.

This church and cemetery below named Bethany Lutheran was only a few minutes away, but seems to have been built much later in 1955.

Bethany Lutheran Church, Lockhart Township, Ada, Minnesota
Bethany Lutheran Church, Lockhart Township, Ada, Minnesota
Bethany Lutheran Church, Lockhart Township, Ada, Minnesota
Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery

Garfield Lutheran

Garfield Lutheran Church, Madison, Minnesota

The Facebook page of Garfield Lutheran Church has hours of “Always Open”.  True to that status, it was unlocked when I stopped by so I was able to take a few photos of the interior.  The church is about two miles west of Madison, Minnesota and stands out from the farms surrounding it.  It opened in 1892 and was founded by settlers originally from Norway which explains why many of the older cemetery gravestones are in Norwegian.