South Chapel

South Chapel Community Church, Vermont

Built in 1839, the South Chapel is in South Woodstock, Vermont.  It’s a Greek Revival building which has two fluted columns and a recessed portico.  It’s included as part of the district’s National Register application.

Belvidere Junction

United Christian Society Church, Belvidere Junction, Vermont
United Christian Society Church, Belvidere Junction, Vermont

This northern area of Vermont (Lamoille County) through the Green Mountains is fairly sparsely populated.  Belvidere is a town of about 300 with nearby covered bridges and at least one church.  Although the building looks old and may have a long history, I can only tell you that the sign over the door says it’s a United Christian Society Church.

St. Jacob Orthodox

St. Jacob Orthodox Church, Northfield, Vermont
St. Jacob Orthodox Church, Northfield, Vermont

Now known as St. Jacob of Alaska Orthodox Church, it’s located in Northfield Falls, Vermont.  The new owners have been there since the 1990s, but the church would probably date closer to the age of the cemetery behind the building which has graves before the Civil War period.

St. Paul’s Episcopal

St. Paul's Episcopal, Royalton, Vermont
St. Paul’s Episcopal, Royalton, Vermont

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is in Royalton, Vermont and was built in 1836.  It’s classified as Gothic Revival in the National Register.  It’s fairly simple in design compared to many of the older Vermont churches and it was originally painted brown.  The church’s congregation was generally small over the years and by the early 1970s, regular services were no longer being held.  After limping along for another two decades, the church was deconsecrated in 1996.  It’s maintained now by the Royalton Historical Society and used for community functions and weddings.


Plymouth Notch

Union Christian Church, Plymouth Notch, Vermont
Union Christian Church, Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Union Christian Church is part of the President Calvin Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth, Vermont.  The Village of Plymouth Notch has a few homes, this church, a schoolhouse, general store and cheese factory and is said to look basically unchanged since the early 19th century when Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th U.S. President.

The Greek Revivial church was built in 1840 and was initially a Congregational Church. Nearby is Plymouth Cemetery, which includes the graves of several generations of the Coolidge family, including the grave of the former president.

Vermont Churches

These are a few churches I happened to passed by in Vermont that I stopped to take an unplanned photo or two.  But for most of them there was limited information online on the history, so I’m putting them all in one post.

Waterbury Center Community Church, New Hampshire
Waterbury Center Community Church, Vermont

Originally a Methodist Church, Waterbury Church is in Waterbury Center, Vermont not far from Stowe.  The Federal style church was built in 1833 and is listed on the National Register.


Tinmouth is in a rural part of Vermont and the historic district is included on the National Register.  I stopped to take a photo of what I thought was an older church, but learned from a local that it was built in 1969 to replace the town’s church from 1836 that burned down.

West Brattleboro Baptist Church, Vermont

This brick Baptist Church in West Brattleboro, Vermont was built in 1834.

Resurrection Baptist Church, Montpelier, Vermont

I took a wrong side street while driving through Montpelier, Vermont and saw this little church at the end of a neighborhood.  It’s called Resurrection Baptist, and it appears to be slightly less than 50 years old, but I took a quick photo anyway.

Arts Center, Sharon, Vermont

Now an arts center in Sharon, Vermont, this building was a church in nearby Norwich and was moved to the current spot in 1910.

Hartford Churches

West Hartford Village Meeting House, Vermont

Built sometime around 1832, the Meeting House in Hartford, Vermont, as it was originally called, was the Congregational Church which was used for services until 1961.  It’s a Greek Revival style with octagonal bell chamber and Queen Anne styled stained glass.  Behind the  building is also a cemetery with over 200 graves, most dating to the 19th century.

Also in Greater Hartford is the United Church of Christ.  I’m unsure of the history of this church.

United Church of Christ, Hartford, Vermont



Round Church

The Round Church, Richmond, Vermont

Built in 1813, the Old Round Church originally served as the town meeting hall and a place to worship for five Protestant denominations in Richmond, Vermont.  I’m not sure if it’s the only 16 sided church in the country, but its uniqueness led to a listing on the National Register.  By 1880, the church was turned over to the town of Richmond and has been used for town meetings  community events and weddings ever since.  It’s now looked after by the Richmond Historical Society.

Another church down the same road is the Universalist Unitarian Church.  This building was completed in 1897 and served as a church until 1956.  Then it served as part of a school and now is used as the town’s library.

Universalist Unitarian Church, Richmond, Vermont

Richford Churches

United Methodist Church, Richford, Vermont
United Methodist Church, Richford, Vermont

Richford, Vermont is less than two miles from the Canadian border and has a population of about 2,300 people.  The town prospered during the rail period, but has been in decline for almost a century.  A pair of churches practically back up to each other near the center of town.  United Methodist Church was built in 1871 and is still active.

St. Ann’s Episcopal Church is listed on the National Register and was built in 1883.  The Queen Anne style church was part of an effort after the Civil War to expand the Episcopal Church by building as many churches for new congregations as they could.  It wasn’t clear when it was last used as a church, but the local historical society is leasing the building now.

St. Ann Episcopal Church, Richford, Vermont