Iceland Churches

Small Church, Vatnsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Iceland is an old country and has had churches for over 1000 years, but the Protestant churches you’ll see if you visit are typically 50-150 years old.  I stopped at a few as I passed them in various parts of the island, but have limited information on each.  Although there are still a healthy number of churches standing, Iceland has become decreasingly religious over the decades, and I didn’t see any in use while visiting.

Here are a few spotted along the way.

Vik Church was included in an earlier post.



Vik Church

Vik i Myrdal, Southern Iceland

Vik Church is a Lutheran church built in 1934 that, in my opinion, has one of the most spectacular views in Europe.  It sits at the top of the small village of Vík í Mýrdal which is located in southern Iceland.  This photo was taken in early summer when the wildflowers were peaking.