Garfield Lutheran

Garfield Lutheran Church, Madison, Minnesota

The Facebook page of Garfield Lutheran Church has hours of “Always Open”.  True to that status, it was unlocked when I stopped by so I was able to take a few photos of the interior.  The church is about two miles west of Madison, Minnesota and stands out from the farms surrounding it.  It opened in 1892 and was founded by settlers originally from Norway which explains why many of the older cemetery gravestones are in Norwegian.


Concordia Pioneer Lutheran

Concordia Pioneer Lutheran Church, Roberts County, South Dakota

Concordia Pioneer Lutheran church is now abandoned and sits in a rural prairie field in Roberts County, South Dakota.  For such an interesting looking church, not much history is available.  It looks to have been active from 1893 to 1976.

Zion Lutheran

Zion Lutheran Church, Driscoll, North Dakota (Burleigh County), 1917
Zion Lutheran Church, Driscoll, North Dakota (Burleigh County), 1917

Rural churches aren’t always unlocked when I stop by, but this prairie church was open.  Zion Lutheran Church, a few miles from Driscoll, North Dakota, celebrated 100 years in 2017.  It’s still used, but not every Sunday now.


Neuburg Congregational

Neuburg Congregational Church, North Dakota
Neuburg Congregational Church, North Dakota

I saw a photo of Neuberg Congregational Church looking weathered and forgotten, but when I visited it had been recently painted.   This photo was made at the end of a cool day in late May.  The church was built in 1925 by Germans who immigrated by way of Russia.  They had outgrown their original church since founding the congregation in 1898.  More recently, the church was added to the National Register of Historic Places (2007).

North Grand

North Grand Church, near Hettinger, North Dakota (Adams County), 1909
North Grand Church, near Hettinger, North Dakota (Adams County)

North Grand Church,  near Hettinger, North Dakota looks more stable on the outside than it does inside. Serving the nearby Lutherans, the church was active between 1909 and 1969.  There’s a small cemetery in the back of the property and the isolated church sits surrounded by farmland for several miles.