Philosophou Monastery

Nea Moni Filosofou Monastery, Greece
Assumption of Mary Church, inside the Prodromou Monastery (Monastery of Saint John the Baptist), Greece

Founded in 963 A.D., the Philosophou Monastery is just outside a picturesque town called Dimitsana, in the Peloponnese region of Greece.  The Monastery of the Philosopher (also called the Hidden School) was named by a philosopher from Dimitsana who was the secretary of Emperor Nikephoros Phokas. The “new” portion , which includes the Assumption of Mary church was founded in 1691 (see above photo), but the more interesting church from the 10th century involves a short hike along the Lousios Gorge.  These ruins still have partial frescoes painted on the walls along with the bones of earlier monks that resided here.