Concordia Pioneer Lutheran

Concordia Pioneer Lutheran Church, Roberts County, South Dakota

Concordia Pioneer Lutheran church is now abandoned and sits in a rural prairie field in Roberts County, South Dakota.  For such an interesting looking church, not much history is available.  It looks to have been active from 1893 to 1976.



Abandoned Church, Newburgh, Maine

This boarded old church was hiding behind some brush and caught the corner of my eye as I drove by.  It’s located in the area between Newburgh and Dixmont, Maine on Route 202.


Benton Methodist

Benton Methodist Church, Benton, Maine
Benton Methodist Church, Benton, Maine

When I stopped at this old church in Benton, Maine, I assumed it was abandoned.  Soon, an 86 year-old man stopped me to apologize for the state of his old building.  He wasn’t sure exactly how old it was, but did know that it was a Methodist church that was no longer being used in the early 1980s when he bought it.  I did learn of some of the local small town politics, neighbor disputes, and other drama while talking to him for a bit.  His next plan for it was to get up on the roof and replace some shingles.  Hopefully he gets some help with that project.

Pine Hill Church

Pinehill Church, Brooks County, Georgia
Pine Hill Church, Brooks County, Georgia

What still remains of Pine Hill Christian Church can be found on a quiet dirt road in Brooks County, Georgia. Though records are unclear, it seems this church was founded in the last half of the nineteenth century by former slaves only a few miles from Grooverville Methodist and Liberty Baptist.  The church held services every third Sunday for part of the time, but eventually closed briefly in 1987, was active again for a few years and then officially closed for good in 2005.  It does seem that the little church is still looked after as the interior was fairly clean and there wasn’t any obvious signs of vandalism.

Augustana Swedish Lutheran

Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church, near Sheyenne, North Dakota (Eddy County)
Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church, near Sheyenne, North Dakota (Eddy County)

This is another abandoned church in a remote area of North Dakota.  Augustana Swedish Lutheran was built in 1907 and was part of the large Scandinavian community that settled in the Dakotas. A visit inside the church was brief as there was a suffocating build up of bird/bat guano.  But a couple photos are included below.