Burnt Corn Churches

Burnt Corn Methodist Church, Burnt Corn, Alabama
Burnt Corn Methodist Church, Burnt Corn, Alabama

The little community of Burnt Corn, Alabama had the best name of the places I visited in the state.  There are several different stories on how the town got its name.  One is that white settlers burned the resident Creek Indian’s corn fields.  A second is that the Indians burned the settler’s corn fields to drive them out of the area when they were establishing a community.  A third is that an injured Indian had to stay behind while his group was traveling through and the other Indians left him some corn to eat.  Once he healed and left, the corn burned in his camp fire and other travelers noted the place as where the corn had burnt.  That last one seems a bit far fetched, but who knows.  Another claim to fame for the town was it was part of the main artery for soldiers traveling during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.  That included Andrew Jackson, who passed through on his way to the Battle of New Orleans.

At the junction of the town there are a pair of churches and some old wooden buildings.  Burnt Corn Methodist Church (above) was built in 1912.  The church organized in 1908 and met in the two-story building shown below (now the Post Office), until their church was built.   The Bethany Baptist Church (below) was established in 1821.  The church below is the third location for the group and was built in 1874.  When this church was built, the African American members remained in the same location of the second church and worshiped separately.  When the white members built this newer church, they also exhumed many of the dead at the previous location and buried them next to this building.  Both churches still use the same name, though the African American group apparently calls theirs “Beth-anne” according to a website with some history of the town.

Old Bethany Baptist Church, Burnt Corn, Alabama
Old Bethany Baptist Church, Burnt Corn, Alabama

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