Vermont Churches

These are a few churches I happened to passed by in Vermont that I stopped to take an unplanned photo or two.  But for most of them there was limited information online on the history, so I’m putting them all in one post.

Waterbury Center Community Church, New Hampshire
Waterbury Center Community Church, Vermont

Originally a Methodist Church, Waterbury Church is in Waterbury Center, Vermont not far from Stowe.  The Federal style church was built in 1833 and is listed on the National Register.


Tinmouth is in a rural part of Vermont and the historic district is included on the National Register.  I stopped to take a photo of what I thought was an older church, but learned from a local that it was built in 1969 to replace the town’s church from 1836 that burned down.

West Brattleboro Baptist Church, Vermont

This brick Baptist Church in West Brattleboro, Vermont was built in 1834.

Resurrection Baptist Church, Montpelier, Vermont

I took a wrong side street while driving through Montpelier, Vermont and saw this little church at the end of a neighborhood.  It’s called Resurrection Baptist, and it appears to be slightly less than 50 years old, but I took a quick photo anyway.

Arts Center, Sharon, Vermont

Now an arts center in Sharon, Vermont, this building was a church in nearby Norwich and was moved to the current spot in 1910.


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