Pembroke Chapel

Pembroke Chapel, Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Pembroke Chapel, Hants County,8903 Highway 215, Nova Scotia, Canada, Circa 1885

This old church is located out of the way in Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada.  According to the weathered sign by the front door, the church was built in 1885 and ended services 50 years ago.  There is a neighboring cemetery with graves dating to 1861.


3 thoughts on “Pembroke Chapel

  1. Actually, the first service was in 1858. It was built as another denomination (I don’t have the history home, will get it and get back to you). Then in 1885, it changed to Methodist, later United. Closed in 1967.


  2. Update: The Baptists and the Methodists united to build the church. It was to be a Union Meeting House, open to one as to the other. There was a falling out between two ministers and in 1885, it became Methodist. The Baptists had built their own church in the neighbouring community of Brookville (now called Bramber).


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